Arthroscopic Surgery At Kansas City’s Top Rated Local® Animal Hospital

Arthroscopic surgery, or arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive procedure allowing veterinarians to diagnose and treat joint problems in dogs and cats. Using a tiny camera, arthroscopy allows veterinary radiologists to examine and evaluate the inside of your pet’s joint in order to diagnose and determine the best treatment plan for repairing a joint issue that is causing your pet pain, limiting their movements, and reducing their ability to live a healthy, active life. Unlike invasive open-joint surgeries that often require longer recovery times, arthroscopy can be performed through a few small incisions, meaning there is less tissue damage, and ultimately, a quicker recovery time.

If your pet suffers from joint pain, arthroscopic surgery may be an optimal solution to diagnosing their joint condition in order to effectively treat and correct the joint issue. Reach out to Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, Kansas City’s Top Rated Local® animal hospital, to arrange an appointment for a consultation with our pet imaging team to find out if an arthroscopy procedure can help your pet.

Understanding an Arthroscopic Procedure

Arthroscopy is a common, minimally invasive orthopedic procedure that can be performed on nearly every joint in your pet’s body. This procedure can be used to investigate the inside of a joint or to treat a joint condition. After determining that your pet is a good candidate for arthroscopy, the patient (your pet) will return to our animal hospital to undergo their procedure. After your pet is placed under a general anesthesia, they will have the hair surrounding the affected joint removed, and the skin thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the surgery. Your pet surgeon will make small incisions into the tissue and joint where surgical fluid, the tiny arthroscopic camera, and surgical instruments will be precisely inserted. The entire procedure generally takes between 45 minutes to an hour and pets will typically come out of surgery with only minor discomfort.

When Is a Pet a Candidate for Arthroscopic Surgery?

Your pet’s bones, joints, and tissues degrade with age as a result of normal wear-and-tear, injuries, weight gain, and a lifetime of use. As a result, dogs and cats develop joint problems, such as osteoarthritis, in their wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, shoulders, stifles (hind limbs), and hips. Degenerative joint dysfunction — when the soft tissue that cushions the joint wears away — is a common culprit for pain, limited mobility, and reduced quality of life in pets. However, many joint conditions can be managed with a number of treatments. Here are signs to look out for which could signal joint issues in your pet:

  • Reduced activity
  • Difficulty exercising, running, walking, and playing
  • Difficulty rising, going up stairs, and getting onto furniture
  • Low energy
  • Tires easily
  • Sleeps a lot
  • Weight gain
  • Little-to-no appetite
  • Displays physical and emotional signs of discomfort, distress, and even depression

If your pet displays any of these signs, talk to your veterinarian to find out if an arthroscopic procedure may be right for your pet. This can help your vet determine the best treatment for their joint condition, which may include physical rehabilitation, wellness care, alternative therapy, nutritional guidance, or a more invasive pet surgery procedure.

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