Welcome back to our blog! Dogs are some of the most curious creatures on the planet and will follow their super-strength noses just about anywhere. For pet parents, this can be quite disconcerting, especially during summertime when it seems there are more things available to get your pet into trouble. Whether you’re planning on undertaking a home renovation, planting flowers and plants in your yard, or if you’ll be using cleaning supplies on your home or vehicle, you will want to take extra precautions for protecting your pet from poisonous materials that could threaten their health. Today, our pet care team at Eagle Animal Hospital and Pet Resort has five tips for you to consider for preventing pet poisonings every day.

Household Cleaning Products

We humans keep a lot of chemical-based products around to make clean our homes. While these products are great for removing stains and fighting offensive odors, everyday household products pose hazards to dogs. Obviously, ingesting chemicals can make them incredibly sick, leading to a variety of health issues that can and often do become fatal. But did you know that even smelling these products can irritate their sinuses and respiratory systems?

Keep cleaning products sealed tightly and stored away where your pup can’t reach them. When you’re using cleaning products in the home, it’s best to let your pup play out in an enclosed yard or in a kennel that is kept away from the areas you’re cleaning. This will help ensure that they don’t accidentally ingest or inhale these products.

Lawn and Plant Treatments

Late spring and early summer are opportune times to take advantage of the mild weather and get a little yard work done before the humidity sets in. As you begin fertilizing your grass, using weed treatments, and spraying your gardens with Miracle Grow, be sure to take into account your dog’s safety and wellbeing. While pet-friendly fertilizers and weed treatments are available, these can still irritate your precious pup’s paws, skin, sinuses, and digestive systems, if eaten. The last thing you want is for your pet to roll around in fertilizer that could get stuck to their fur and in their eyes. Be mindful of when and where you lay down these chemical-based yard treatments to ensure your pup doesn’t come into contact with them. You can always bring your dog to our doggy daycare or dog boarding facility at Eagle Animal Hospital and Pet Resort if you need a few days to get your yard work done.   

Insect and Spider Prevention

Along with getting your yard cleaned and prepped for summer, you will probably want to prevent insects, spiders, and other pests from taking over your lawn. What’s more, these pesky invaders love making their way into homes, which can make life a nightmare if you have to live with spiders. If you plan to use insect and spider prevention such as bug bombs, spider traps, and other methods for killing unwanted insects, be sure to consider where you place the traps. If you opt for the bug bomber, you will want to make sure both you and your pets are out of the home for as long as is needed. Keep in mind that spider traps use hazardous products that can be incredibly toxic to your dog. Set these traps in places where your dog cannot reach them to avoid toxicity.

Consider Dog Boarding at Eagle Animals Hospital

If you need a day to clean your home and want to give your dog a safe place to stay while you do clean, call us to bring your pup in for doggy daycare! If you plan to do some serious landscaping or bug removal this summer and need more than a day to complete your project, a safer option might be for you to bring your furry friend in for dog boarding in our state-of-the-art pet resort. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate doggy daycare and dog boarding staff will be more than happy to play with your dog and keep them safe while you take care of your home projects. Call Eagle Animal Hospital to learn more about our dog boarding in Kansas City, and be sure to join us for part two of this short blog series. Until next time, thanks for reading!