Welcome back to part two of this blog series. Last time, we looked at some of the top benefits of boarding your dog at Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort during a home renovation. Along with providing your precious pup with expert pet care, here are some of the benefits of boarding your dog while upgrading your home:

  • Gives them a Fear-Free environment to play and relax
  • Peace of mind in knowing they won’t escape out an open door
  • No access to harmful chemicals
  • Significantly reduced risk of them getting injured

Because there are so many excellent reasons to board your dog while you update your home, here are five more benefits for you to consider. Ready to reserve a suite for your dog in our state-of-the-art pet resort? Give Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort in Riverside today, where we proudly serve the greater Kansas City area.  

Safe, Secure Place To Play

When you remodel your entire home, a room, or even the back patio, it is common for tools and other construction materials to be left lying around. Even when they are stacked off to the side, they can still pose harm to your dog. Dogs, as you’re probably well aware, are some of the most curious creatures on the planet. They follow their noses wherever they take them, which is often into harm’s way. To reduce the risk of them stepping on a nail, sharp tool, or ingesting some kind of hazardous building material, boarding them in a safe facility will give them plenty of space to play, lounge, and exercise without worry of becoming injured.

Reduces Tripping Risk For People

Boarding your dog while undergoing a home renovation can also keep the humans in the house safe. Home improvements tend to create chaos in the home, especially big renovations. It can be a challenge for family members, guests, and contractors to navigate the spaces being renovated, and when there’s a dog in the home, they can become another obstacle. Bringing them to our dog boarding facility can keep you and your dog safe from trip-and-fall injuries during a home remodel.

They Get The Attention They Need

When your home is in chaos and your schedule is jam-packed with home improvement tasks that need to be completed, your attention may be diverted away from your dog and their needs. Similar to moving, a home remodel can interrupt your dog’s normal playtime and exercise schedule, simply because you have your hands’ full juggling all the tasks that need to be finished to get your renovation done in a timely manner. While we know this is completely unintentional on your part, we would be happy to care for your dog to keep them on their normal feeding, walking, playing, and resting schedule. This can help keep their behavior at bay.

Gives Them A Low-Stress Environment

Dog boarding is a wonderful option for dogs who tend to be more anxious, especially during high-stress situations like a home improvement. When dogs experience anxiety, it can affect their physical and emotional health, as well as their behaviors. A comfortable, spacious dog boarding facility, such as ours, gives them a safe place to be during a chaotic, busy time.

Keeps Them On Schedule

As we briefly mentioned, keeping your dog on their normal schedule is essential. Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. They intuitively pick up on the times they eat, go on walks, play, and sleep. Renovating a home can interfere with their normal schedule, which can cause them to act out more than normal. When they stay in our pet resort, we strive to stick with your pet’s normal schedule, realizing, of course, that staying in a dog boarding facility isn’t completely normal to their everyday routine; however, we do our best to maintain their normal schedules.

Reserve A Dog Boarding Suite Today!

There are so many benefits to boarding your dog while you remodel and update your Kansas City home. If you have home improvements in your future, give our dog boarding facility a call today to reserve a room for your pooch! Our team of dog care experts is passionate about keeping your dog healthy, happy, comfy, and safe during their stay. Call Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort today!