Welcome to part two of our short blog series. If you read part one, we looked at some of the best reasons to enroll your dog in doggy daycare with us at Eagle Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. Some of the benefits of daycare for dogs that we mentioned in part one of this short blog series included:

  • The opportunity for dogs to interact and socialize with other dogs.
  • Provides a safe environment for playtime and exercise.
  • Gives pet parents peace of mind in knowing their dog is being cared for while they’re away.

Here are a few more reasons to that pet parents here in Parkville should enroll their dog in our doggy daycare program:

Good Solution for Busy Pet Parents

Many pet parents would prefer to be with their pets at all times, but for most, this just isn’t a feasible reality. Between spending long days at work, keeping up with their kids’ school schedules, and attempting to tackle all the other responsibilities of being an adult, it can sometimes be hard to commit to having a pet in the family. Doggy daycare is the perfect solution for busy pet parents who want to balance all of life’s challenges with the heartwarming joys that accompany having canine companion. Doggy daycare is an affordable option that provides pet owners with peace of mind in knowing their dog is not stuck in a crate all day, or sitting at home alone, bored and inactive.

Check in with Your Dog During Their Stay

Another way our doggy daycare provides peace of mind is that you don’t have to wonder how your dog is doing while in our care; rather, you can keep up with them on Instagram! You can see pictures and videos of your puppy pal playing, napping, and hanging out with other pups.

There are so many reasons to love our doggy daycare services. We look forward to having your dog join our daycare program where they’ll be cared for by the most compassionate pet care providers in Parkville. Call Eagle Animal Hospital today to enroll your dog in our doggy daycare program.