Your Trusted Pet Surgery Specialists

We’re invested in your pet’s health, well-being, and longevity. Our caring veterinary surgeons are skilled in performing an array of general surgery services for your four-legged friends to help them feel better, move better, and enjoy a greater quality of life. We rely on innovative surgical procedures to:

  • Reduce post-op pain and discomfort
  • Minimize bleeding and tissue damage at incision sites
  • Decrease the risk of infection, swelling, and complications
  • Increase healing times
  • Help them recover efficiently

Safe, Innovative Surgical Techniques

What’s more, our Riverside animal hospital is fully equipped with the latest advanced imaging and diagnostic testing technology for both pre- and post-surgical screenings, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and optimal post-operative care during the healing and recovery stages. Additionally, because these general procedures typically require anesthesia, you can rest assured that we utilize the safest, most effective anesthesia protocols and pain management medications to help ensure your pet’s comfort.

Schedule a Pet Surgery In Kansas City

If your pet has been recommended for a routine surgery, get in touch with our animal clinic in Riverside to arrange their appointment. You may also consult your vet via Telemedicine to find out if your pet could benefit from any of these procedures. 

If you’re not located near our Riverside clinic, there’s no need to worry. Please contact Eagle Animal Hospital in Tiffany Springs to schedule your pet’s surgery at our sister clinic.