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Cold Laser Therapy

Pet pain management is one of the most concerning conversations among pet parents. Unlike humans, pets are unable to describe their pain levels, yet their behaviors are comprehensive enough. Like acupuncture, cold laser therapy is also a non-invasive treatment option to support healing and reduce any pain caused by inflammation.

Available at our RiversideLiberty, and Tiffany Springs locations.

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What conditions can Cold Laser Therapy treat?

Cold laser therapy can treat a range of conditions in both canine and feline species. In some cases, a vet clinic in Kansas City may also use this treatment method to treat other pets like birds. Here are some common conditions where cold laser therapy is effective:

  • Chronic arthritis

  • Traumatic injuries

  • A liver disease where ingestible medication is not an option

  • Surgical wounds

  • Reducing scar tissue

  • Increasing metabolism

  • Supporting nerve regeneration

  • Healing infections

  • And more!

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

  • Painless - Some pets even end up falling asleep during the treatment!

  • No Side Effects - There are no known side effects of this therapy technique

  • No Recovery Period - This therapy doesn't require a recovery period

  • No Cap - The treatment can be repeated as often as needed

  • Non Invasive - No shaving, and no surgical incisions

Cold Laser Therapy FAQs

What are the benefits for dogs?

Cold laser therapy has shown remarkable healing benefits for dogs suffering from various issues such as arthritis and inflammation. The non-invasive treatment allows pets to recover faster thereby, reducing overall downtime. A typical cold laser therapy session for dogs consists of the pet reclining over a comfortable bed or blanket while trained personnel or the vet delivers the treatment. You will also find that pet owners can accompany their furry friends during the treatment. As a protective measure, everyone close to the laser is required to wear goggles. This usually includes the administrator, patient, and caregiver.

Is Cold Laser Therapy Safe?

If and when administered correctly, cold laser therapy is safe for both administrator and patient. Trained personnel must adjust the settings and determine the time between each treatment session to ensure fast and effective healing. If the higher-powered units are not adjusted properly, they can cause thermal burns. Therefore, we at Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort ensure procedures are undertaken safely and follow strict guidelines.

How Long Is Cold Laser Therapy?

A typical cold laser therapy session can last anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes, depending on the injury and cooperation of the pet. The vet usually determines the number and frequency of sessions. Most veterinarians in Kansas City will assess the injury before scheduling any follow-up sessions. Some pets with chronic conditions may require weekly treatments as well.

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