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Eagle Animal Hospital

Fear-Free Veterinary Services

This unique pet care training and certification program helps veterinarians modify their procedures and handling techniques to reduce anxiety during veterinary visits. Fear-free methods and protocols are designed to reduce or remove anxiety triggers, which creates an experience that is rewarding and safer for pets, their owners, and veterinary healthcare teams.

Available at our RiversideLiberty, and Tiffany Springs locations.

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Fear-Free Animal Care

  • Better medicine

  • Less stress for animals, veterinarians, and pet owners

  • Gentle handling techniques

  • More accurate vital sign measuring

  • Improved waiting room safety

  • Fewer interactions with triggers like loud noises, confining spaces, or seeing other animals nearby

  • More accurate veterinary care exams

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What Are Fear-Free Techniques?

The techniques and protocols Eagle Animal Hospital staff members are taught are designed to make every single pet that comes into our facilities more comfortable. Desensitization and counterconditioning techniques may be employed to acclimate animals to potentially fearful stimuli, such as the sight and sound of medical equipment. But our pet care professionals may also use positive reinforcement and low-stress handling techniques, such as towel wraps or the use of pheromone sprays, to minimize restraint and facilitate a sense of security for the animal. Using rewards and praise also helps create positive associations and build trust between the pet and tour Eagle Animal Hospital veterinary staff.

Why Is Fear-Free Care Important?

Visiting the vet can cause stress and anxiety in animals, but fear-free practices help reduce that stress and make the experience better for everyone involved! Here at Eagle Animal Hospital, our Kansas City staff has initial fear-free training and certification, which also gives them access to continuing education such as articles, videos, and podcasts to keep them up to date on best practices.

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These veterinary service techniques are designed to address an animal’s emotional well-being during veterinary visits. The fear and anxiety experienced by animals in unfamiliar and potentially threatening environments can have significant negative impacts on their overall health and quality of life. When pets are stressed, their heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate can increase, making it challenging for veterinary professionals to conduct accurate examinations.

  • Provide a calming, comfortable environment for all pets

  • Reduce and prevent stress, fear, and anxiety when visiting your vet

  • Promote interspecies safety in the waiting room

  • Use of gentle handling techniques in exam rooms

  • Provide a better overall experience for pets, pet parents, and the vet team

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