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Fracture Repair Services

At Eagle Animal Hospital, we understand that accidents happen, and our furry friends are not immune to injuries. One of the most common and challenging injuries in pets is a long bone fracture, which is something our veterinary surgeons have seen before. This fracture typically occurs when a bone breaks or cracks, usually as a result of trauma or excessive force applied to the bone. We are here to provide treatment for these types of injuries.

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Understanding Long Bone Fractures In Pets

Long bone fractures primarily occur in the limbs of household dogs and cats and they can happen as a result of accidents, falls, or even during vigorous play. When a fracture occurs, it is essential to seek immediate veterinary services to avoid further complications and promote proper healing; this is the first step in getting the fracture repaired.

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Benefits of Internal Fixation for Bone Fractures

Internal fixation is typically recommended for fractures of the long bones and pelvis, as well as fractures that involve joints. It is particularly beneficial for complex fractures that require precise alignment and immobilization.

But no matter your pet’s unique injury, our Eagle Animal Hospital pet wellness professionals will help alleviate pain, prevent further damage, and promote a faster and more successful recovery.

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Post-Operative Care

Following surgery, diligent post-operative care is crucial for a successful recovery. Our veterinary team will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to care for your pet at home. This may include proper wound care (including checking your pet’s bandages), administering prescribed medications, and creating a clean and comfortable environment for rest and recuperation.

It’s also important to prevent your pet from running, jumping, or playing before the bone has had a chance to fully recover. Once the internal fixation is in place, the bone begins its healing process and the implants provide a framework for new bone growth, allowing the fracture to fuse and regain its strength.

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When you want to give your pet the very best care possible, our kind and experienced veterinarians and medical staff are here for you and your pet. Whether your new puppy needs their core vaccinations, or your cat needs laser therapy to help them recover from surgery, we offer a range of pet wellness services that we tailor to their unique needs. Reach out to our Client Care team to schedule your pet's visit today.