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Leaving your pet behind while you travel is never easy, but when you have a trusted pet boarding team you can count on, it can help ease the stress and anxiety of the experience. At Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort in Riverside, our caring, compassionate, and experienced kennel team is here to help simplify things for you and your furry best friends.

Available at our Riverside and Tiffany locations.



Cat boarding at Eagle Animal Hospital


  • Standard, Deluxe, Luxury Dog, and Quiet Cat Condo Suites

  • Window Views

  • Temperature-Controlled Suites

  • Safe, Secure, and Stress-Free Atmosphere

Dog on the bed in the royal suite

Our recent 10,000 square-foot expansion has greatly increased our Northland pet boarding abilities and we’re confident in calling ourselves a full-fledged pet resort offering dog boarding and cat boarding. Our updated and expanded pet boarding services offer:

  • Choice of 7 luxury, 28 deluxe, and 14 studio pet suites

  • All temperature-controlled

  • Webcam access for luxury pet borders

  • Baths, nail trims & more upon request

  • Quiet cat condo room

  • Cherished toys & blankets from home

  • Window views

Dog Suites

In addition to our studio and deluxe suites, we offer seven luxury suites. Each luxury suite offers room to lounge and relax, measuring a generous 6-feet by 8-feet. Each is furnished with a deluxe dog bed, blanket, television, and window views. Owners can check in on their furry friends anytime via in-suite webcams. Additionally, baths are provided at half-price for additional pets housed in the same suite.


  • University of Missouri

  • University of Kansas

  • Kansas State University

  • Sporting Kansas City soccer club

  • Kansas City Chiefs

  • Royals

  • Princess

Our facility was designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming place for your dog to stay, play, and rest while you are away. Whether you are heading out of town for vacation, a business trip, or need a place for your dog to stay during a life event, boarding your pup with Eagle Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is a wonderful option for pet parents to consider.

Why our facility?

  • Provides a safe, controlled area for your dog.

  • Gives your dog a chance to play and socialize with other dogs and people.

  • They have access to an indoor and outdoor play area and a dog run.

  • They can relax and sleep in comfortable, quiet rooms.

  • Your pup is being cared for by professionals who have the proper training, knowledge, and certifications to care for your dog.

  • They have access to emergency pet care and medical attention should they require it.

  • We always work with your dog’s unique needs (food, allergies, medicine, etc.).

  • We will work with your schedule to the best of our abilities.

Why board your dog?

  • Vacation or business trip

  • A hospital stay or medical procedure

  • Relocating your home

  • Home renovation project

  • Pest control service

  • Entertaining guests

  • Life event

  • Emergency situations

  • And more!

How do I prepare my dog for boarding?

  • Schedule a wellness exam before their stay

  • Update flea, tick, and heartworm prevention

  • Practice socialization in the weeks before boarding

  • Practice crate training - especially at night

  • Pack an overnight bag with your pup's essentials

Cat Condos

For the cat in your family, he or she will enjoy staying in our private “Feline Only” room. Here our cat boarding guests are allowed to relax in a dog–free area. The quiet cat condo area boasts outdoor views and minimal stress. A cat playroom is also available for cats that stay with us at no additional charge. This area has plenty of room for playing, exploring, and climbing to appease the frisky side of your cat.



Reservations are required for all pet boarding appointments, and can only be made by calling.


To receive a full refund for luxury boarding reservations, we require a 48–hour advance notice prior to reservation.


To ensure the health and safety of our boarders, boarding attendees, and hospital patients, we require boarding and boarding pets to be current on their vaccinations and free of internal and external parasites. Canine boarders must be current on DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus/Canine Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus), Kennel Cough, and Rabies vaccines, as well as a negative fecal and heartworm test. Felines must be up-to-date with Rabies, FVRCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia) vaccines and a negative fecal test.


A signed admission form is required for all boarding clients and a complete boarding application and signed agreement form is required for all boarding clients. These forms can be printed below or we can provide them for you at the time of your pet’s reservation.


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When you want to give your pet the very best care possible, our kind and experienced veterinarians and medical staff are here for you and your pet. Whether your new puppy needs their core vaccinations, or your cat needs laser therapy to help them recover from surgery, we offer a range of pet wellness services that we tailor to their unique needs. Reach out to our Client Care team to schedule your pet's visit today.